Victor bag

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Items 1 to 12 of 42 total

Badminton victor bag

Online Badmintonshop for bags - Badminton bags are essential for all badminton players! We have badminton bags in a lot of different colors and sizes. Badmintonplanet delivers a wide assortiment of badminton bags, every badminton player can find an appropriate bag.

Badminton bags are available as a backpack, 1-, 2- or 3- compartment bags (with 2 shoulder straps), travel bag or trolley bag. So do you have a child who likes to play badminton and oftens goes to the sports hall by bike? Perhaps a backpack is a good option for you. Do you play many tournaments and take lots of stuff along? Maybe you should try a 3-compartment bag or even a trolley bag.

A badminton bag is essential for every active badminton player. From recreational badminton player to competitive player!

Badminton bags have different sizes, for the active tournament player or the fanatic club player. Are you looking for a badminton bag to take your badminton racket, drink bottle and other things with you, then a 1-compartment bag is enough for you. Are you looking for more space and better wearing comfort, you could order a 2- or 3-compartment bag. The travel bags are available with wheels or without wheels. Victor badminton bags are available in different series.

The durability of the bags depends on the quality of the badminton bags. The 1-compartment bags provide space for three badminton rackets, the 2-compartment bags provides space for six badminton rackets en at last the 3-compartment bags provide space for nine or twelve rackets. There are some badminton bags with a seperate compartment for shoes.

Badminton bags are available in many different colors at Badmintonplanet. Een nice pink badminton bag for ladies or a big blue travel bag for men. For every man or woman there is plenty of choice in the large assortment of badminton bags. If you have any questions left or would like to receive advice about the bags. Please contact the customer service from Badmintonplanet.