Collaboration with Badmintonplanet

• Is your club or association looking for a specialized badminton shop to start a collaboration?

• Would you like to know what the advantages of a collaboration with the largest badminton specialist in Europe are?

Can you answer the two questions above with "yes"? Then you've come to the right place. Badmintonplanet has been working for many years with various clubs and associations in the Netherlands and other European countries. Badmintonplanet has entered into a long-term partnership with most of these clubs, which we prefer. We believe that by entering into a long-term partnership with a club, this is the best for both, club and Badmintonplanet. By working together for a longer period, it is possible for us to respond faster and better to the wishes of your club.

Badmintonplanet is a professional badminton shop with physical stores in Eindhoven and Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) and also an extensive webshop with the largest range of badminton products. Badminton shoes, badminton rackets, badminton shuttlecocks, badminton bags and badminton clothing; everything can be found here. Badmintonplanet employs a team of real badminton specialists, who have played badminton for a long time. Partly because of this, each employee has gained a lot of experience and expertise so that you and other members are always advised as well as possible.

Over the years, Badmintonplanet has gained a lot of experience in entering into good cooperation and becoming a good partner. After all, a collaboration must lead to benefits for both parties. Therefore we always determine after consultation with the club what the expectations are and this is also neatly incorporated into a contract. The collaboration will only start after approval from both parties.

As mentioned earlier, Badmintonplanet is the largest badminton specialist in Europe. Therefore, the prices are always low, while the service is always high. As soon as we enter into a partnership, we can often offer extra competitive prices to our cooperation partner, including on shuttles and club clothing. You can find more about this on the relevant pages of our website. In addition, Badmintonplanet has a very wide reach in the badminton world on social media. We can therefore very easily promote a tournament or hand out flyers in the stores. Badmintonplanet also has a nice range of cups and vouchers, which are very suitable for the award ceremony of your tournament.

Are you interested to start a cooperation with Badmintonplanet and would you like to know more about it? Please contact our customer service

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