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Online European badmintonshop – A good badminton grip is very important for your badminton play. For each type of badminton player, from active tournament player to recreational club player, Badmintonplanet has a suitable grip. Badminton grips are available in different sizes, so that they can also be used for tennis or squash.

Badmintonplanet always has a good advice for the best badminton grip for your racket. Badmintonplanet delivers all badminton grips from different big badminton brands, like Babolat, Carlton, FZ Forza, RSL, Victor and Yonex.

Are you looking for a better badminton grip for your badmintonracket? You will find these in the big assortment badminton grips from Badmintonplanet!

Badmintongrips can be divided in different categories; overgrips, basic grips and replacement grips. All kind of grips are available in different colors at Badmintonplanet. Badmintonplanet delivers all grips with a piece of tape to secure the grip to the handle of the racket. 

Overgrips are used to create a thicker racket handle, for a firmer grip. Like the name says, these overgrips are placed over a basic grip. Examples of popular overgrips are the RSL overgrip, the Yonex AC102EX (3-pack) and the Super Grip from FZ Forza (3-pack).

Replacement grips are used to replace the original grip which surrounds the wooden handle. These grips are therefore equipped with a kind of cushion, which makes this grip thicker than an overgrip en provides more comfort. Sometimes players choose to put a replacement grip over the original grip, when they have big hands. Examples of popular replacement grips are the Carlton Aerogear Ribbed PU (2-pack) and the Victor Fishbone Grip. These grips are made with some extra holes to absorb sweat faster and extra profile which provides an improved grip. When you sweat a lot during a badminton match, you could try the RSL Frotteegrip. This kind of grip absorbs sweat faster than any other grip!

For players who like to change their grips regularly, Badmintonplanet delivers some bigger grip boxes with different colors. You can think about the RSL Overgrip (60-pack) and the Carlton Aerogear Pro PU (24-pack). For all kind of grips you are at the right place at Badmintonplanet!