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Online Badmintonshop for shuttlecocks - Badmintonplanet provides a large assortiment for shuttlecocks. Are you looking for the best shuttlecocks to play badminton? Then you are at the right place at Badmintonplanet. 

There are two types of shuttlecocks: nylon/plastic shuttles and feather shuttles. The nylon shuttles have three different speeds. This is shown by the color of the sticker on the shuttles). The speeds are: slow (green sticker), medium (blue sticker) and fast (red sticker). The most used nylon shuttles are the Mavis 300 shuttles from Yonex. In addition Badmintonplanet also delivers nylon shuttles from Carlton and Victor. All these brands provides, next to standard white shuttles, also yellow nylon shuttles.

Are you looking for a cheaper option for a feather shuttle? The Yonex Mavis 2000 and the Victor 3000 Platina are the nylon shuttles with the most similar flight. Please notice that these nylon shuttles does not exactly have the same quality as the feather shuttles. The biggest advantage of these nylon shuttlecocks is the durability. 

You will find the best nylon and feather shuttlecocks for the best price in the wide assortment from Badmintonplanet!

Badmintonplanet also delivers many different feather shuttlecocks. These shuttlecocks have a better flight than the nylon shuttles. In the higher competition levels and in the higher tournament categories badminton players have to play with feather shuttles. But there is a big difference in durability and quality for each type of feather shuttle. For example the Victor Pro Court is a very low-priced feather shuttle, but mainly intended for training. In general you will see that the more expensive, the more durable the shuttle is. This is why a more expensive shuttle might be cheaper for a longer period. Also the preparation of feather shuttles can increase the durability. Often you can choose between two different speeds for feather shuttles; 77 (slower ones) and 78 (faster ones).

Feather shuttlecocks are made of goose feathers or duck feathers, Badmintonplanet delivers both types of badminton shuttles. In the Netherlands there is a list for shuttlecocks, which shows badminton players at what level they are allowed to play with. The shuttlecocks which are allowed to play with in international tournaments, are the Carlton GT1, the Yonex Aerosensa 30/50 and the RSL Classic Tourney. Other shuttlescocks with a very good price-/quality ratio are the RSL Tourney no.1, the Victor Gold Maxima, the Victor Queen and the RSL Tourney no. 4!

When you would like to buy many feather or nylon shuttlecocks at the same time, Badmintonplanet will give you some discount. The more badminton shuttles you buy, the higher the discount! You can find the different prices on our website. If you have any questions left, please contact our customer service.

Badmintonplanet is official dealer of all big badminton brands. We stock feather RSL Shuttles, Shuttles from Yonex like the Aerosensa and the Mavis, but also shuttles like the Queen from Victor. But off course also Babolat shuttles, Carlton shuttles and Dunlop Shuttles.