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    Victor Jet Speed S 03H
    Here you can order the Victor Jet Speed S 03 H, a top racket from the JS or Jet Speed collection... Learn More
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  2. Yonex DUORA 8XP
    Bestel nu de Yonex Duora 8xp, De Yonex Duora 8xp is een uniek racket. Het is een badminton frame... Learn More
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  3. Yonex Voltric 10 DG
    De Yonex Voltric 10 DG is het racket voor aanvallende spelers, die graag wat meer kilo (tot 15,5... Learn More
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  4. Yonex Voltric 7 DG
    De Yonex Voltric 7 DG is het racket voor aanvallende spelers, die graag wat meer kilo (tot 15,5 kg)... Learn More
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Online Badmintonracket shop - You can buy a new badminton racket at Badmintonplanet in an easy and very fast way. Badmintonplanet has the biggest assortiment of badminton rackets. You can buy a low-priced badminton racket very easily. Thanks to the wide range of badminton rackets from brands like Babolat, Carlton, Dunlop, RSL, Victor and Yonex, you will always find the best badminton racket that suits you. Are you not sure which racket is right for you and do you need advice? Please contact our specialised customer service to help you make the best choice for a new badminton racket.

To make the best choice for your badminton racket, you should notice two important things; as first the balance point of the racket, secondly the flexibilty of your badminton racket. For the right balance points, you have to know your own style of play. If you are a player who likes to attack and smash, then you could look for a 'head heavy' badminton racket. Otherwise if you are a more defending badminton player, you should better take a 'head light' racket. Are you looking for a good balance between attack and defence, you can try an 'even balanced' racket.

Playing strength and power are the most important factors to decide how flexible your racket should be. If you are a lady who is looking for more power to play a good clear? Then you should better buy a flexible or extra flexible badmintonracket. Do you have enough power, but are you looking for more control? Then a more stiff racket could be your best choice. Specially for youth player there are badmintonrackets available with a shorter handle, so they learn to hit the shuttle at the right time. 

Do you play badminton on the camping site or beach? Are you a starter, advanced or professional badminton player? Badmintonplanet always has the right badminton racket for you! If you need advice, please contact our customer service. 

The average weight of a badminton racket is about 85 gram, but there are heavier and lighter rackets as well. Rackets are available from 74 grams, but also in different grip sizes. The weight of the rackets also depends on the material the racket is made of. Heavier badminton frames are mostly made of aluminium or steel, in general these kind of rackets are a little bit more resistant when hitting the floor. The lighter badmintonrackets are made of Carbon, Graphite or other materials. Most of the badmintonrackets are standard strung, but Badmintonplanet also delivers unstrung badminton rackets. With these rackets you can choose the tension on the website. Is your favorite string not listed? Please contact the customer service from Badmintonplanet and we will gladly help you.

Badmintonplanet supplies badminton rackets of all major badminton brands. Most of those brands divide their rackets in different series. Examples of series with a 'head light' balance point are the Yonex Nanoray and Carlton S-lite. The Yonex Voltric, Carlton Elite or Victor Brave Sword are examples of series with a 'head heavy' balance. At last some examples of series with an 'even balanced' balance are Carlton Trail Tour, Yonex Arc Saber, Yonex Duora and Yonex Muscle Power. These are the allround rackets.

There are players who would like to buy two or more similar badminton rackets at the same time, so they always have the same backup racket. At Badmintonplanet we have a number of rackets where you will receive a discount if you buy two or more of the same racket. Have a look at our website and grab these discounts!

Badmintonplanet is official dealer of all big badminton racket brands. We stock rackets from Yonex, Kawasaki, RSL, Babolat, Victor, Adidas and many more. We have all newer and older rackets from Yonex. Popular rackets from Yonex are the Arcsaber, Nanospeed, Nanoray, Musclepower, Nanoflare, Duora, Voltric, Isometric and Carbonex frames. But also Victor had series badmintonplayers know for a long time. These are series like the JetSpeed, Hypernano, Lightfighter, Bravesword, Density, Ultramate and many more.  

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