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Security and privacy

To provide you with the best possible service and process your order, we need information from you. Our company is committed to your privacy and security. We make every effort to ensure that your data does not end up in the wrong place.We are happy to explain what data we store, what we do with it and why we need it. Do you still have questions about this? Then you can always contact us about this via customer service.Due to new regulations and other developments, our privacy policy may change. We will ensure that you find the most up-to-date version here.

What personal data do we need and why?

In order to process your order, prepare an invoice and make sure it reaches you properly, we need the following information from you.

Salutation, first and last name
This tells us who the order is for.

Adress and place of residence
We also put these on the invoice. This way we can be sure that the order will be delivered to the right place, unless otherwise indicated.

Phone number
If there is something wrong with your order, or if we still need extra information, we may need to call you. Of course, we will only do this if it is really necessary.

Payment details and your invoice
Our payment environment is very secure. All payments except a transfer through your own bank go through the payment provider we work with. This is Multisafepay. We receive an update from the payment provider the moment your payment is made. We only use your payment details to credit an order.

IP adress
Online, we use your IP address to recognize you. We need this to provide you with the best possible advice and protection.

E-mail adress
We inform you about the status of your order and make sure you can track your order once it has been shipped. We also send newsletters, promotions and offers. We will only send these if you have given your consent. Do you no longer wish to receive these e-mails? Then you can easily unsubscribe yourself. You can do this via the link at the bottom of the newsletters. Of course, you can also send us a message via customer service.

Invoice number or order code
To help you properly and quickly, we may ask you for your invoice number, order code or order number.

What exactly is in your account? Your account contains your personal information. This includes your first and last name, your billing address and your delivery address, and if specified, your date of birth, your telephone number and login details. This allows you to easily view your own order history and avoids you having to re-enter all the information for each order. It also allows us to help you better and faster.

Newsletters and e-mails
You can subscribe to our newsletters. Would you rather not receive them anymore? Then you can easily unsubscribe. This can be done via the link at the bottom of the e-mails. Unsubscribing is quick and easy. You can do this easily via customer service.

Wifi and cameras
All our shops are equipped with cameras. These are installed for your safety and that of our colleagues and products. We do not store camera images from our shops for longer than 4 weeks. We only do this if we see or suspect something suspicious that requires further investigation or if we need to keep the footage for longer because of another legal obligation.
If there is (free) Wi-Fi available for you to use and you use it, your data will be collected from the device you log in with. Think of your MAC address (identification number). We only do this to prevent misuse. We store this data only for this purpose. We block the access of devices with which illegal activities take place on our wifi network.

No publication of your personal data
We never publish our customer's data

Secure ordering process
All pages where we process personal information have a secure SSL connection. We make sure that your order is always secure.

Edit personal data?
Would you like to view, modify, or delete your personal data? No problem. You can do this yourself via your account. Or you can let us know via
Would you still like to know more? Then we will be happy to explain our 'legal grounds' for using your data.
According to current privacy legislation, we have to indicate what 'legal grounds' we have for using your data. These are necessary for the contractual agreements between you and our company. This applies, for example, to your purchase of a product or service or your right to a warranty. This is the case with:

  • Ordering and pre-order
  • Delivery
  • Return and repair
  • Trade-in & second-hand
  • Contact with our customer service
  • B2B orders

In addition, we may use your data for 'justified interest'. This means that we want to provide all our customers with the best possible, personalised service. In doing so, we always consider your privacy. This applies to:

  • Reviews & customer satisfaction survey
  • Visiting the various websites of our company
  • Account
  • Newsletter & e-mail
  • Personal advice
  • Actions
  • Social media
  • Security, wifi & cameras

We may also have a legal obligation to use your data, for example when we suspect fraud. And sometimes you yourself have given us permission to use your data, such as when you sign up for the newsletter. We keep a careful record of this.

Who has access to your data?
Only when it is really necessary to help you in the best possible way will we pass on your information to our partners. These are delivery partners, suppliers or repairers, product support, payment partners, IT service providers and parties who collect our reviews.
This is because the delivery partners need to deliver your parcel to the correct address.
Parties such as data management platforms, media and advertising agencies and research agencies come into the picture as soon as we want to give you personal advice or show you targeted ads, e.g. based on your interest in certain products. In suspicious situations, we are obliged to share customer data with government agencies.
The parties given access to your data by us may only use it to provide you with a service on behalf of our company. Unless they themselves are responsible for obtaining and protecting your data. Some cookie developers have access to the data collected by cookies on our website. You can read more about this in our cookie statement and the privacy policies of these parties. We never sell your data to third parties.

How long do we store your data?
We do not keep and use your data for longer than necessary. We then delete all the data we have on you. Or we use your data anonymously, because we need certain data for internal analyses and reports, such as the value of your order.
How does this work exactly?  We keep certain deadlines, after which we delete your data. These are:

  • We delete recorded phone calls after 30 days by default unless we have a legal obligation to keep a call longer.
  • We do not keep camera images of our shops for longer than 4 weeks. Unless we see something suspicious that we need to investigate further or the footage needs to be kept longer because of another legal obligation.
  • We delete inactive customer accounts after 7 years. After that period, we only use your data anonymously, for internal reporting purposes.
  • The tax authorities require us to keep our records with your invoice, payment and order data for 7 years. After that, we only use anonymous data for internal reports. You yourself must also keep the invoices of your purchases for when, for example, your guarantee expires.
  • If you have your product repaired or replaced by Planet of Sports, we keep your report and contact details for 7 years. After that, we only use your data anonymously, for internal reporting purposes.
  • If you have subscribed to the newsletter or given your consent to receive personalised messages, we keep that consent for 5 years. Even if you decide at some point that you no longer want to receive the newsletter or personalised messages, we keep the withdrawal of your request. We do not keep the emails you receive from us for more than 60 days. So you don't have to worry about receiving the same mail from us more than once. After that period, we only use your data anonymously, for internal reporting purposes.

What are your rights?
You remain in charge of your own data at all times. If you want to see your data. You can of course do so free of charge. The same applies if you want to change or delete your data, limit their use or change your e-mail preferences. You can do this yourself by logging into the website and adjusting your data in your account there. You can also let us know by post or e-mail. In this way, you can also object to the use of your data for marketing purposes or indicate that you think your privacy outweighs our interests. In that case, we will review the situation.
Unsubscribing to the newsletter is easy. You can do this in your account or via the link at the bottom of the newsletter itself. And do you want no more cookies at all? You can do that too. Read our cookie statement to find out how.
We want to make sure that you really are you. That is why we may ask you for additional information to establish your identity. We also do this for unclear requests.
If you are not satisfied with how our company handles your privacy, you can contact the privacy authority.

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