Kawasaki K-519 Blue

Kawasaki K-519 Blue

Babolat Number 4 - SPEED 78

The Babolat Number 4 - SPEED 78 is a Duckfeathers shuttle. The shuttle is from the series and is White. A tube of these shuttles contains 12 shuttles.
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Product properties
More Information
Brand Babolat
Feather Type Duckfeathers
Color White
Shuttle Approval Netherlands B
Number of shuttles per tube 12
Material Feather

You can order the Babolat Number 4 Shuttle here. These feather shuttles from Babolat are ideal for training, because of its sustainability and the price / quality ratio. The shuttle is made from the best Chinese duck feathers and 2-layer cork.

Note: This shuttle also qualifies for a quantity discount. With larger quantities at the same time, the price per shuttle is lower. Do you have questions about this or are you curious about the possibilities? Please contact our customer service.

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