Carlton Hybrid Lite

Carlton Hybrid Lite

Carlton Aeroblade 3000

The Carlton Aeroblade 3000 is 1790 and 1794. The racket is from the series of Carlton and has a length of 1883 CM.
Badmintonplanet can customize the Carlton Aeroblade 3000 so it matches your wishes. Choose the stringing and / or the grip when ordering the racket.
The professional stringers of Badmintonplanet will string your Carlton Aeroblade 3000 on the best machines and know your racket and the strings!
The maximum advised tension on the strings for this racket is 9 kilo. Experience the difference and choose the options that fit your playing style.

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You can order the Carlton Aeroblade 3000 here. This racket is made of steel and aluminum and is convenient to use for playing badminton outside.

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