RSL Tourney No. 2 - SPEED 77

RSL Tourney No. 2 - SPEED 77

RSL Classic Tourney - SPEED 77

The RSL Classic Tourney - SPEED 77 is a Goosefeathers shuttle. The shuttle is from the Tourney series and is White. A tube of these shuttles contains 12 shuttles.
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Product properties
More Information
Brand RSL
Feather Type Goosefeathers
Color White
Series Tourney
Shuttle Approval Netherlands A
Number of shuttles per tube 12
Material Feather

The best feather badminton shuttlecock from RSL, the RSL Classic, has a perfect flight in combination with excellent durability. This shuttle is very suitable for playing in competition, both nationally and internationally. The RSL Classic Tourney is available in 2 speeds, the slower 77 or the faster version 78.

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