RSL Pro 550 Junior (Pre-order)

The RSL Pro 550 Junior (Pre-order) is Medium Flexible and Even balanced. The racket is from the series of RSL and has a length of 62 CM.
Badmintonplanet can customize the RSL Pro 550 Junior (Pre-order) so it matches your wishes. Choose the stringing and / or the grip when ordering the racket.
The professional stringers of Badmintonplanet will string your RSL Pro 550 Junior (Pre-order) on the best machines and know your racket and the strings!
The maximum advised tension on the strings for this racket is 9 kilo. Experience the difference and choose the options that fit your playing style.

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The RSL Pro 550 Junior is a flexible racket with a length of 62 cm. This racket is very suitable for young players who want a good racket. The racket is made of full graphite and therefore one of the best badminton rackets for youth players.

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