Victor A390 FB Dina Blue - Mazarine Blue

The Victor A390 FB Dina Blue - Mazarine Blue is a shoe made from Double Mesh with a Rubber sole. This shoe is a good fit if you're looking for Comfort. The midsole uses Solid E.V.A. technology. The color(s) of this shoe is/are Blue. This shoe is suitable for Boys, Men.

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Product properties
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Brand Victor
Gender Boys, Men
Shoe Feature Comfort
Midsole Solid E.V.A.
Material Double Mesh
Color Blue
Sole Rubber

Here you can order the Victor A390 FB, a shoe from Victor with different blue colors. This shoe is intended for the novice / advanced player and offers extra grip on the court due to the pattern on the sole. The shoe is equipped with the Energymax cushioning, so that the shocks are absorbed while walking and jumping.

Note: This shoe is part of a one-shot collection from Victor, so Gone = Gone!

The Victor A390 FB has a kind of U-shape in the front of the shoe, into which the toes fit perfectly. This makes the shoe fit nicely with the foot. The shoe can also 'breathe', which benefits the user comfort.

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