Victor AS Airshuttle II

The Victor AS Airshuttle II is a shuttle. The shuttle is from the series and is Red. A tube of these shuttles contains 3 shuttles.
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Product properties
More Information
Brand Victor
Color Red
Number of shuttles per tube 3

Here you can order the Victor AS Airshuttle II, Victor's improved Airshuttle. Thanks to its shape and the higher weight, this air shuttle is less susceptible to wind. This air shuttle is specially designed for Outdoor Badminton. The Airshuttle has a good flight and is made of durable material.

Note: Air badminton can simply be played with your own badminton racket. Because the shuttle is slightly heavier and is played outdoors, we recommend playing with a racket with a bit less tension (about 9 kg) and a somewhat thicker string in the context of the durability of the string.

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