Victor Hypernano X 30

Victor Hypernano X 30

Victor Hypernano X 800

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This Victor Hypernano X 800 racket is equipped with the Hypernano X technology. The Hypernano X racket series offers maximum attack accuracy and also exceptional control. This allows you to easily switch between attack and defense. The Hypernano X series features a slimmer shaft for faster movement speed, while maintaining balance. By using high-quality material in this Victor Hypernano X 800 racket, the air resistance is minimized, it offers excellent resilience and racket speed. Victor Hypernano X 800 features incredible stability and a more stiff, slimmer shaft. This makes this racket perfect for players looking for exceptional precision without compromising power.

Badmintonplanet delivers the Victor Hypernano X 800 unstrung in a matching racket cover. If you would like to receive a strung version of this racket, you can select the string and the number of kilos here.

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