VICTOR Rectangularbag BR9613 CF (pre-order)

VICTOR Rectangularbag BR9613 CF (pre-order)

Victor Backpack BR7007 CM

The VICTOR Backpack BR7007 CM Blue Black is a 2 compartment bag with 2 straps. This bag has 1 side pocket(s). Does this bag have a handle: Ja. Does this bag have a shoe pocket: Ja. This bag has a thermobag. The bag size is 37x33x74 cm and the color(s) is/are Blue, Black.

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Product properties
More Information
Brand Victor
Bag size in cm 37x33x74
Number of straps 2
Thermobag has a thermobag
Number of side pockets 1
Handle Yes
Shoe Pocket Yes
Color Blue, Black
Material Polyester
Type of bag Backpack

The VICTOR Backpack BR7007 CM is a black and blue bag made out of polyester. Due to the square shape, this bag can be used as far as badminton as squash. The bag contains 1 large thermo compartment, which you can use to keep your food and drinks cool. It also has another large compartment and has 1 shoe compartment.

The dimensions of this bag are: 37x33x74 cm.

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