Yonex DUORA 6

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The Yonex Duora 6 is a true allrounder - slightly more flexible than the Duora 7 and Duora 10. It has better shock absorption for the sensitive joints in the arm, such as the elbow and wrist. The shocks are absorbed by a carbon technology “VIBSLAYER CARBON”. This ultra thin material is incorporated in the lower part of the racket head between the normal carbon layers. With this Yonex Duora 6 racket you can easily find the edges of the field and you can hit the shuttle as sharp as possible. Yonex DUORA is the revolution in badminton rackets. By processing 2 types of rackets together, Yonex has invented the racket which is ideal for the player who hits a stable and hard forehand and a faster and deeper backhand. New techniques have made it possible to give the racket a forehand and a backhand side. The stable Boxframe forehand side ensures that you leave the shuttle with more precision. The aerodynamic Aerobox frame backhand side of the racket ensures that it is easier to play the perfect backhand. The color on the racket indicates how to hold the racket in your hand. The balance point of the Yonex Duora series is even balanced and thus ensures optimal racket handling for the allround player.

Badmintonplanet delivers the Yonex Duora 6 unstrung. If you would like to receive the racket strung, you can select the string.

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