Yonex DUORA Z-Strike

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The Yonex Duora Z-STRIKE is specifically developed for players who want to hit sharp forehand smashes while maintaining utmost precision and control. The racket head is produced with the horizontal A-concept, the sweet spot at the top of the head is therefore somewhat bigger. This is created by horizontally drilling the tube holes at the top of the blade. At the bottom of the page a new graphite type is integrated, called Hyper MG. This promotes resilience in the strokes, giving you more power.

For the Yonex Duora Z-Strike, a completely new tube has been developed at the top of the racket head, in which 8 tubes are connected to each other. The Duora tubes are adapted to the forehand side and the backhand side of the racket, increasing the blade pressure when the shuttle hits the racket. The effect of this is that the shuttle leaves the racket as soon as possible. The racket head and handle of the Duora Z strike are brought together with a graphite T-Anchor. As a result, the blade is stable on the stem and there is little torsion.

In summary, the Yonex Duora Z-strike is a cool extra stiff racket of approximately 88 grams, where the backhand stroke is supported by the Aerobox shaped backhand side of the blade and you can place the shuttle precisely with the forehand side.

You can indicate with which string you wish to receive the Yonex Duora Z strike from Badmintonplanet. The racket comes with a matching racket cover.

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