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Yonex Nanoflare 380 Sharp

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Yonex Nanoflare 380 Sharp

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You can order the Yonex Nanoflare 380 Sharp here. The Nanoflare 380 Sharp is a nice racket from the Nanoflare series. The Nanoflare series has been specially developed to support as many badminton players as possible. The rackets from this series are therefore easy to move and can be seen as the successor of the Nanoray series. The 380 Sharp is a rigid racket that allows you to play even more precisely. The difference with the Nanoflare 170 Light and the Nanoflare 270 Speed is the perfect support for the smash and the ability to hit a drive even easier. So if you want a racket that you can smash very well with, hit a good drive without losing the possibility of a quick change of strokes, then we strongly recommend the Nanoflare 380 Sharp. The Nanoflare 380 Sharp is supplied with a standard Yonex covering.

NANOFLARE 380 SHARP Extreme speed comes together with exceptional resilience in the new Nanoflare series. Nanoflare is made to make racket speed and maneuverability even better in a headlight racket. It is the first headlight racket that gives you the opportunity to put precision and aggressiveness into a winning battle by giving the shuttle more acceleration. The big difference in Nanoflare is the new Sonic Flare System. In the Nanoflare rackets, a new carbon fiber, Torayca © M40X, is merged with Super High Modulus Graphite to take an Aero Frame to a new level. The results are unparalleled stability and speed, improved resilience and precision to beat every stroke. The new Aero Frame gives a high flex on impact and a direct snapback to the shuttle to get it into the field faster and deeper. The Sonic Flare System, which was introduced at points 12, 8 and 4 hours, gives the shuttle high stability, power and a maximum repulsion. Yonex Nanoflare 380 is a headlight badminton racket designed for the competitive and advanced player. The racket is made entirely from High Modulus Graphite. NANOCELL NEO and the aerodynamic frame make the racket easy to handle and resilient. The shuttle can be played in the field with the best precision. The ultra thin High Modulus shaft is stiff and therefore gives a little more control in the stroke. With a weight of 83 grams, it is light and manageable.

More Information
Cover whole Racket Cover
ColorGrey, Red
Max Tension in KG12
MaterialUltra HI-Modulus Graphite
Balance PointHead light
Frame lengte in cm67.5
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