Yonex Pro Series Bag 9829 EX Red

The Yonex Pro Series Bag 9829 EX Red is a 3 compartment bag with 2 straps. This bag has 1 side pocket(s). Does this bag have a handle: Ja. Does this bag have a shoe pocket: Ja. This bag has a thermobag. The bag size is 78x36x34.5 cm and the color(s) is/are Red.

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Product properties
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Brand Yonex
Bag size in cm 78x36x34.5
Number of straps 2
Thermobag has a thermobag
Number of side pockets 1
Handle Yes
Shoe Pocket Yes
Color Red
Material Polyester
Type of bag 3 compartment bag

The Yonex Pro Series Bags are one of the biggest bags from the Yonex collection. The 9829 Pro Bags are made of durable materials and have better zippers. This increases the service life of this bag. The Yonex Pro Bags are the 'must have' for every player. They are worn by the international stars of Yonex in badminton and tennis. This Yonex Pro Series Bag 9829 EX Red is a red bag with black Yonex accents, and this luxury gym bag has a nice streamlined design. The bag is equipped with three large compartments and a separate shoe compartment. The bag thus has sufficient space to keep all your stuff, bring it to the league games or tournaments. Can be easily worn thanks to the carrying straps and the handles.

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