Bad-M AbsoDurable White

Bad-M AbsoDurable White
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Bad-M AbsoDurable is the best basic grip for players looking for ultimate comfort combined with durability and feel. This grip is widely used by players in the Netherlands and other European countries.

The Bad-M AbsoDurable White is a white, perforated basic grip of 1.8 millimeters thick. Because of this thickness, the corners on the grip remain clearly noticeable. This allows you to easily pack your grip and this ensures the best grip at any time, during competitions or training. The Bad-M basic grips always provide the best grip and guarantee the best quality. This makes the Bad-M super popular with both professional and recreational players. Bad-M has used materials from Japan to create the AbsoDurable base grip intended to improve grip durability by “23%” compared to base grips from other brands.

In addition to the excellent durability and the wonderful feeling of this replacement grip, the grip is very suitable for people who need super good moisture absorption, because of the perforated profile. Long research has shown that 3 holes with a gap of exactly 0.5 cm each, is ideal for excellent moisture absorption.

The Bad-M AbsoDurable is easy to apply to any racket. The grip is cut with an angle at the bottom, making it easy to turn the grip upwards tightly around the racket. Make sure there is no overlap for the best feel of the grip. This basic grip should be completely smooth when you look at the side of the grip. There is an adhesive strip on the back over the entire base grip. This ensures that the grip always stays in place and does not slide easily. The finish of the Bad-M AbsoDurable always looks great thanks to the chic finishing tape. This is very striking and the big advantage is that the tape always sticks well. As a result, it does not release prematurely, which regularly happens with grips from other brands. Thanks to the QR code on the grip, you can always order your perfect grip quickly and easily.

Please order the Bad-M AbsoDurable here cheaply and quickly and experience the excellent quality of the Bad-M AbsoDurable yourself. Did you know that Bad-M also has the highest quality overgrips? Click here to discover the perfect overgrip for every athlete.

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