Yonex Carbonex 7000 N

Yonex Carbonex 7000 N

Yonex Carbonex Lite

The Yonex Carbonex Lite is Medium Flexible and Even balanced. The racket is from the Carbonex series of Yonex and has a length of 67.5 CM.
Badmintonplanet can customize the Yonex Carbonex Lite so it matches your wishes. Choose the stringing and / or the grip when ordering the racket.
The professional stringers of Badmintonplanet will string your Yonex Carbonex Lite on the best machines and know your racket and the strings!
The maximum advised tension on the strings for this racket is 9 kilo. Experience the difference and choose the options that fit your playing style.

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Please order the Yonex Carbonex Lite here. This racket is a good racket from the well-known Carbonex series. Because the racket is equally balanced, you have more control over your badminton strokes. The racket is made of full graphite and has a weight of approximately 88 grams.

Badmintonplanet delivers the Carbonex Lite strung with the basic Yonex string.

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